Glen Allen, Virginia Ground Temperature Observations As of    12:07      9/26/23
 Data In This Chart Is From A Davis Vantage Pro  Weather Instrument
Current Ground temp. at 1 Foot Depth
68.0 at    12:07
Today's High Ground temp.
68.0    Time 0:00
Today's Low Ground temp.
68.0    Time 0:00
Today's Average Ground temp.
68.0 Temp. rate 0.00
Today's Greatest Change In Ground temp.
0.00    time 0:00
Today's Least Change In Ground temp.
0.00 at    12:07
Ground Temperature at Depth of One Foot

The Ground Temperature changes very slowly generally not more than two or three degrees F unless there has been a cold rain in the fall or a warm rain in the spring.

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