The Winter of 2018-2019
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation January
12,   2019
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F The snow amount shown on the snowboard
will differ from the averaged observed amt. particularly if it is windy !
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Remarks for the Time Period
   0      0000 hrs.         
   1      1610 hrs.   0.0  T  35.8  Very small fine flakes. The radar has shown snow over our area for a few hours. It has just started making it to the ground without evaporating.
   2      1640 hrs.   T  T  34.1  By 1630the flakes were a little larger. This first snow is from overrunning and should be light for the most part then a lull in the snow should occur before heavier precipitation moves in later tonight.
   3      1815 hrs.   0.1  0.01  32.1  Snow is melting on most surfaces except the elevated snowboard. See snowboard image.
   4      1915 hrs.   0.2  0.01  31.4  This is the lull in the snow that was expected with only a few snowflakes coming down now.
   5      2200 hrs.   0.3  0.02  30.6  The snow started again as flurries at 2037 but snow has been light mostly like flurries.
   6      2300 hrs.   0.3  0.2  30.5  Only light flurries this past hour.
   7      2400 hrs.   1.0  0.07  30.1  The snow is hitting the measuring stick and falling to the base of the stick making the snowfall a few tenths more than the true measurement. The snow fall rate has picked up this pass hour to a moderate rate. Snow is now sticking as it falls on the cement walks and our street. The street is now white.
 Dec - 13      0100 hrs.   1.2  0.09  30.1  Moderate snow rate at the beginning of the period. There was light for the last 35 minutes and for a ten minute period just before observation time there was snow in the form of graupel showing heavy riming but not sleet.
   9      0200 hrs.   1.7  0.19  30.0  At 0105 the snow was moderate with moderate size aggregates of crystals.The moderate snow rate continued this past hour.
  10      0300 hrs.   1.9  0.23  30.1  Precipitation has turned into sleet and freezing rain during the last 20 minutes of this period. slower accumulation. Also, a dry slot coming up followed but heavier precipitation according to the radar.
  11      0700 hrs.   1.7  0.48  31.7  As it turns out the maximum snow total was only 1.9 inches as there was just mainly freezing rain after 0300.
  12      1815 hrs.   2.9  1.02  30.3  The snow started again around 1815 and is now sticking as it falls on the cement walks and our street and the street is white again. The snow has fallen at a heavy rate of an inch per hour and is even mixed with a little sleet. The inch of new snow is being added on to the maximum accumulation that occurred at 0300 hours.
  13      1815 hrs.   3.0  1.10  30.1  The heavy snow of the past hour continued long enough to pick up another 0.1 inch of snow then turned to sleet. Also, I found the inch of snow this past hour was too much for the heat source to melt so the liquid precipitation is hour and the next hour is more than one would expect. The freezing rain and drizzle today gave a glaze of almost 0.2 inches of ice on tree branches.
  14      2200 hrs.   3.0  1.24  29.8  There was also 0.2 inches of freezing rain (Glaze) which is not added into the storm total. These are the final totals for the storm.
  15      0000 hrs.         
  16      0000 hrs.         
  17      0000 hrs.         
  18      0000 hrs.         
  19      0000 hrs.         
  20      0000 hrs.         
  21      0000 hrs.         
  22      0000 hrs.         
  23      0000 hrs.         
  24      0000 hrs.         
  25      0000 hrs.         
  26      0000 hrs.         
  27      0000 hrs.         
  28      0000 hrs.         
  29      0000 hrs.         
  30      0000 hrs.