Jan. 30-31, 2010
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West Henrico Co. - Glen Allen VA.

This was one of the coldest snows Richmond, VA has seen in the past 30 years that lasted for 22 hours and was all snow for the whole storm except some snow pellets and some light freezing drizzle at the end of the storm in western Henrico Co. The Richmond International Airport had a high of 27 F and a low of 18 F on the 30th or a daily mean of 22.5 F and is thought to be the coldest significant snow storm in Richmond since a 13 inch snow of March 1st and 2nd in 1980. The daily mean temperature for March 1st 1980 was 17 F at the Richmond International Airport. This storm started between 0410 and 0415 AM and lasted until 0200 AM of the 31st. The heaviest snowfall rate was 2.0 inches per hour between 1100 and noon and visibility to about 0.2 miles. The wind hit 21 mph at 1608 and there was more drifting in this storm than the Dec 18th-19th of 2009. (West Henrico Co. - Glen Allen VA. Station )