Irregular hailstone Hail damage to a tomato Wind damage
Wind damage in our area- Jagged conglomerate hail Smaller pices of hail
Temp. dropped of 15 °F. Storm track on radar
Hail Storm occurred at Annandale - Barcroft Hills Weather Center on August 11, 2004

Hailstorm occurred on August 11, 2004. I have never observed such large hail in my life! We had hail stones as large as 2.5 x 3.0 inches (the average size was around 2 inches). They were conglomerates and far from being spherical. The maximum wind hit 50 mph at 1606 from the west. Quarter size hail started around 1610 and was followed by large hail for about one or two minutes around 1616 and the storm was over in around 20 minutes. It did put some dents in our car top. We were lucky there wasn't much of the large hail and it didn't last long. Total rainfall from storm was 0.93 inches and we had 0.38 inches in 5 minutes. Maximum rain rate was 11.08 inches per hour at 1607. Rainfall at this rate lasted less than one minute but a new record rate on Davis Vantage Pro instrument.