Hurricane Irene
Glen Allen & Richmond, VA

The worst of the storm was between 1700 to 2100.
The high wind gust today was 52 mph at 17:53 hours and new record wind speed for this station. (Records since September 2008)
The Richmond International Airport recorded a wind gust to 71 mph.
The Richmond International Airport highest gust during Isabel was 73 mph.
Irene was certainly the worst wind storm since Isabel for the Richmond area.
The West Henrico Co. - Glen Allen VA. total precip. yesterday was 3.75 inches a calendar day record rainfall for this station. (Records since August 2008)
The precip. for today was 0.08 inches & for Aug. 6.65 inches and the ave. precip. to Aug. 28 is 3.69 inches giving a departure of + 2.96 inches.
The storm total was 3.83 inches and 24 hour total which sets a new record for the most precipitation in 24 hours. (Records since August 2008)
Also two large trees down in our neighbors yard.