Glen Allen Snowfall for 2009-2010
WINTER'S TOTAL     42.0 inches


Days with any measurable snow during the winter
Rating = Snowstorms must be greater than 1 inch of snow.
 1  Dec.  5  Trace  Event 1  Yes  A light snow started at 1610 and ended at 1930 and the temperature never fell below 33.3 F. The snow melted almost as fast as it fell and the accumulation wasn't enough to measure.
 2  Dec.  18th
 12.9  Storm 1  Yes  The largest snow storm on record at this station and for many locations was the largest December storm on record. The greatest snowfall rate was 1.9 inches in one hour between 1930 and 2030 hours. The total water content was 1.86 inches as there was a lot of sleet and snow pellets that added to the density. Click here to see a time lapse movie of the storm.
 3  Jan.  7th
 0.5  Event 2  Yes  This snow came from a clipper and the snow had a very high snow to liquid ratio of 16.7 to 1. The snow started at 2120 and ended at 2325 but an additional 0.2 inches fell on the 8th between 0001 and 0245. Click here to see a time lapse movie of the storm.
 4  Jan.  30th   12.1  Storm 2  Yes   This storm was all snow and some snow pellets and lasted for 22 hours. It started between 0410 and 0415 AM and lasted until 0200 AM of the 31st. The heaviest snowfall rate was 2.0 inches per hour between 1100 and Noon. This cut visibility to about 0.2 miles as you could hardly see the house on the north end of the street. The wind hit 21 mph at 1608 and there was more drifting in this storm than the Dec 18th-19th of 2009. The drifting made snowfall measurements difficult during the afternoon. The snowfall stopped around 1700 then we had flurries until 2030. Then another 0.06 inches of moisture was recorded by 0220 when the last snowfall occurred of this 0.05 inches fell after midnight adding 0.7 inches of snow for the 31st. Click here to see a time lapse movie of the storm.
 5  Feb  2nd
 0.8  Event 3   No  This event started as sleet and rain at 1530 and at 2100 there was a short period of a little granular snow mixed in with the rain and sleet. But the event was almost all a mix of sleet and rain with the temperature was a little above freezing during the whole event. The sleet didn't stick to our street and caused only minor problems in the local area. However, Northern VA was under a winter storm warning and got between 3 and 6 inches of snow.
 6  Feb  5th
 11.1  Storm 3  Yes  This storm started at 0820 on the 5th and ended around 1700 of the 6th and some flurries until 1730 about a 33 hour storm. It was the most snow I have ever seen fall on the back side of a storm from the wrap round effect. Much rain fell from 1800 of the 5th to about 0230 of the 6th and of the 2.50 inches only around 1.10 inches fell in the form of snow. The snow turned to rain as the deepening low pressure was too close, not off in the Atlantic and also there was also a secondary low pressure to the west of the area. There was about 3.5 inches of old snow on the ground when this storm broke out and just after the snow ended it was a total of 12.4 inches on the lawn.
Click here to see the first half of the storm that ended in rain.
Click here to see the second half of the storm- The wrap around effect.
Click here to see the snowfall totals for the storm
Click here to see that it was a historic storm for Northen Virginia and Maryland.
 7  Feb  9th
 4.1  Storm 4  Yes  Rain and a little sleet started at 1610 on the 9th and turned into freezing rain. Then from midnight only .04 or .05 of additional freezing rain occurred before the glaze turned to snow at 0410 on the 10th. It snowed lightly to 0610 when only 0.7 inches of snow was measured. But by 0710 to 0810 the heaviest snow fell and 1.9 inches occurred in one hour. The storm was over by 1010 with a total of 4.1 inches. The total glaze was only 0.1 inches and 4.1 inches of snow and the glaze isn't added to the snow total.
Click here to see the time lapse of the storm.
 8  Feb  13th  0.1  Event 4   No  This event started as a very fine and extremely light snow at 0310 until 0350 then started up again from 0410 to 0430. The maximum amount was measured around 0500. But flurries started again at 0915 and lasted until 1130 but with the temperature was a little above freezing the snow melted as it fell and there was no accumulation. All of the earlier 0.1 inches had melted on the snowboard by 1145.
  9   Mar   2nd   0.4  Event 5  Yes  Rain turned to a mix of snow and rain at 1657. By 1730 it was all snow and much of the snow as snow pellets until about 1900. By 1900 the lawn was starting to be transformed into white and the temperature was still dropping and was 33.2 F. The maximum snow depth was reached at 2000 and the temperature had dropped to 32.9 F. But the snow became lighter after 2000 and the temperature increased and the light snow was falling about as fast as it was melting. The temperature never reached the freezing mark and by 2400 was 34.2 F and the snow depth was only 0.2 inches and by morning the snow had all melted.
Click here to see the time lapse of the event.
Total= 42.0 Inches