The Winter of 2009-2010
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation February
09   2010
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F Remarks for the Time Period
   0      0410 hrs.   Trace  0.04  31.4  It had been only freezing rain or glaze since midnight with 0.04 inch liquid accumulation. Then it changed to ice grains around 0410 and a fine snow started around 0415.
   1      0510 hrs.   0.2  0.05  31.1  Very light snow and slow accunulation this past hour.
   2      0610 hrs.   0.5  0.07  30.8   Light snow again this past hour with only 0.2 inches accumulation.
   3      0710 hrs.   2.1  0.15  30.2   The snowfall has become heavy over the past hour with larger aggregates or fluffy assemblages of many crystals now leaves an uneven snow surface and more air spaces in the snow and increases the snow to water ratio. We added 1.6 inches of snow this past hour from only 0.08 inches of liquid or a snow to water ratio of 20 to 1.
   4      0810 hrs.   4.0  0.25  27.3   Very heavy snow rate but a very light fluffy snow again this hour. The snow to water ratio is still running about 20 to 1 ratio.
   5      0910 hrs.   4.1  0.26  24.6  The snowfall rate became light this past hour with only 0.01 inches liquid and only 0.1 inch increase in the snowfall amount. According to radar the back edge of the snow is now over western Powhatan County. The temperature has falling 5.6 F since 7:10 AM.
   6      1010 hrs.   4.2   0.27  23.9   The snowfall is over for the Glen Allen - Springfield Park area and the sky is brightening now.