WINTER'S TOTAL     15.3 inches


Days with any measurable snow during the winter
Rating = Snowstorms must be greater than 1 inch of snow.
 1  Nov.  22  Trace  Event 1  No  A three minute period of just sleet from 1105 to 1108 that melted as it fell. Then another period of sleet and rain around 1122 at the onset of rainfall of the 22nd.
 02  Dec.  7  Snow Flurry  Event 2  No  Between 1900 and 1910 a VERY light snow flurry occurred as the cold air came in after the passage of a strong cold front around noon.
 03  Jan.  18  Trace  Event 3  No   A little sleet occurred at the onset of precipitation from 1829 to 1835 that melted almost as fast as it fell. Scattered grains of sleet could be observed in the film of water that covered the snowboard.
 04  Jan.  21  1.8  Storm 1  Yes   The snow started as a very fine snow at 1227 and by 1245 was a continuous light snow until 1715 when it became moderate. The moderate snow rate lasted until 1800 then tapered to light again and started mixing with sleet at 1820. The maximum snow depth was recorded at 1830. The sleet became a frozen drizzle around 1930 which mixed with freezing drizzle by 2000. After 2000 it was a constant but very light freeing drizzle that ended at 0240. This gave a glaze amounting to 0.2 inches building up a crust on the snow's surface.
 05  Jan.  23  Flurries  Event 4  No   Two snow flurries occurred just after midnight. The first was from 0010 to 0021 and the second from 0130 to 0140. The flakes were mainly small snow pellets and a few small dendrites that show moderate riming.
 06  Jan.  24  Flurries  Event 5  No   Four periods of flurries observed today. They were 0810-0900, 0950-1100,1120-1130,2000-2010 but even the most intense of these was so light that only a few snow flakes observed on the coldest surfaces.
 07  Jan.  25  Flurries
 Event 6  No   Several periods of snow flurries that were hardly discernible during the day. But two snow showers occurred during the evening 1720-1735 and 2020-2030 giving almost 0.1 inches. Both snow showers were accompanied by windy conditions with gusts 20-25 mph.
 08  Jan.  28  Flurries  Event 7  No  Very light sprinkles from 0705 to about 1115 then very light snow pellets. The snow pellets melted soon after contact with the ground. The air temperature was never less than 35 F during the snow pellets.
 09  Jan  30  Flurries  Event 8  No   Another very light snow flurry occurred today between 6:50 PM and 7:05 PM associated with the cold frontal passage.
 10  Feb.  1-2  Mix  Event 9  No  Feb.1st precipitation started as mainly sleet with a few flakes of snow at 2250 and ended by 2305. Then sleet and freezing rain from 1340 to 2400 but too little to measure. Feb. 2 freezing drizzle and light rain from 0001-0620 and giving a very thin coat of glaze less than 0.1 inch. Then additional occasional precipitation from 1340 to 1815. The hardest period of precipitation was from 1615-1755 with periods of snow and sleet but the temperature was above freezing and was too little to measure.
 11  Feb.  6-7  1.2  Storm 2  Yes  Snow started at 2152 on the 6th and the snowfall was very constant and never fell at a rate greater than 0.3 inches per hour. The snow had little moisture in it and had a 15 to 1 ratio of snow to water. I used a leaf blower to clear the sidewalks. The snow tapered off gradually between 0330 and 0430 on February 7th.
 Click Here - Time Lapse Movie of the Snow - Give it time to load
 12  Feb.  13-14  2.7
 Storm 3  Yes  The snow started at 0310 on the 13th at 35.4 F but the temperature fell throughout the day. The first sleet and freezing drizzle mixed in with the snow around noon. It was then only sleet and freezing drizzle except a little snow fell again around 2300. At 0030 on the 14th the precipitation began to increase in the form of sleet. The sleet became very heavy in intensity between 0400 and 0600. The total snowfall was only 0.9 inches with 1.8 inches of sleet for a total of 2.7 inches of frozen precipitation.
 13  Feb.  18  0.2
 Event 10  No  Three periods of precipitation from 1155 to 1200 which was very light. Then a heavier period of flurries from 1545-1558 and the snow squall occurred between 1650 to 1712 that gave 0.2 inches of snow.
 14  Feb.  25  5.3  Storm 4  Yes   Sleet started at 0356 and by 0700 0.2 inches of sleet had fallen. At 0820 snow started to mix with the sleet and by 0905 it was all snow. At 1015 the snow rate became moderate and by 1050 the rate became heavy until 1220 then decreased in intensity. The maximum depth was reached at around 1400 to 1410 and measured 5.3 inches. This is a new 27-year snowfall record for the date and is the heaviest snow here since the 12.5 inch snow on February the 11th and 12th of 2006. After 1415 only drizzle and intermittent rain occurred and temperatures remained just above freezing.  Click Here - Time Lapse Movie of the Snow - Give it time to load Note the snow is melting and settling after 1415 and decreasing in depth.
 15  March   7  2.7  Storm 5  Yes   This storm was all snow and started at 0656 as a very fine and very light snow. The snow stopped around 0930 after only 0.1 inches. The snow started again around 1220 and soon was light to moderate and moderate until a sharp ending around 1750. At 1700 while it was snowing here the temperature in Roanoke, VA was 67 F and Danville, Va had 68 F. Most unusual that much difference over the state of Virginia. The maximum depth of snow was 2.7 inches at 1750 but it was cold enough there was no melting until the next day.
 16  March  16  0.5  Event 11  Yes   Most of this storm was rain. Annandale Weather Center had 0.52 inches on the 15th and most of the precipitation of the 16th was rain also. However, at 1545 the rain began to mix with sleet and by 1600 was all sleet and by 1900 a little snow mixed in with the sleet. But the storm was over by 2000 with only 0.5 inches of frozen precipitation and most of that was sleet.
 17  April  7  0.9  Event 12  No   A very fine and very light snow started at 0150 then became a light snow around 0210 and snowed at a light rate until it ended at 0610. No snow stuck to the street or sidewalks as they were too warm but cars and trees and grass areas were white. The cars had 0.9 inches and the snowboard had 0.8 inches as the cars were a little colder surface. All the snow melted by sunset.
Total= 15.3 Inches