Your Guide To The Constellations
Lowell L. Koontz

Taught in Fairfax County Schools for 31 years. The first 16 years as an Earth Science teacher and 15 years as a planetarium director and provided many night observation sessions for elementary school groups. The interaction and questioning by students has added much to the knowledge of the public interest in observational astronomy and the structure of this text. The text is very helpful in learning the constellations and gives many tips that are helpful in observing the night sky.

2002 copyright with the Library of Congress.
Your Guide To The Constellations has been used by high school and elementary school teachers, students, planetarium directors and was well received. It was because of the encouragement of teachers and other colleagues that this work has been published. This presentation covers the thirty-four most easily viewed constellations of the Northern Hemisphere and includes ninety-five pages of text. It also has diagrams for each of the constellations and charts of the 150 brightest stars organized and sorted eight different ways in 32 pages of star tables.