ANNANDALE SNOWFALL FOR 2004-2005     WINTER TOT. 21.1 inches


Days with any measurable snow during the winter
Rating = Snowstorms must be greater than 1 inch of snow.
1 Dec. 19 0.1 Event 1 No Snow started around 1700 hours and 0.1 inch had fallen by 1800 then only snow flurries. Snow occured from the passage of a strong cold front
2 Jan. 17 0.1 Event 2 No Snow started around 0020 hours and 0.1 inch had fallen by 0110.
3 Jan. 19 1.8 Storm 1 Yes Snow started at 0952 and ended at 1407 from a low pressure that passed to our north through NY state.
4 Jan. 22 3.0 Storm 2 Yes Snow started at 0802 and ended at 1545 from a low pressure that passed to our north through central PA.
5 Jan. 24 0.2 Event 3 Yes Snow flurries started at a little past 1500 and ended by 1615 from a weak upper level disturbance passing the Annandale area from west to east.
6 Jan. 29 30 3.0 Storm 3 Yes Snow started at 1758 on the 29th and snowed 0.7 inches becoming sleet and freezing drizzle then went back to snow in the early morning of the 30th.
7 Feb. 3 1.0 Event 4 No Snow started at 1300 on the 3rd with the hardest snow between 1400 and 1600 and the temperature was warm enough that some melting occurred during the snowfall.
8 Feb. 14 0.2 Event 5 No Sleet and snow started at 0133 and was intermittent but accumulated to 0.2 inches by 0630. The temperature stayed above freezing during the night and melting occurred on contact with most surfaces.
9 Feb. 24 25 5.1 Storm 4 Yes Long period of snow about 24 hours from 0240 (first flurries) of the 24th to 0220 (last flurries) of the 25th. Ratio of snow to liquid was 9.6 to 1.0 and snow stuck to trees and made for a beautiful morning after scene. 2/24/05 at 2400 The snowfall total today so far is 5.0 inches, a new 25 year MAXIMUM snowfall record for the date; the old record was 4.7 inches in 1986. The 5.0 inches of snow in the calendar day of the 24th was the most since 2-16-2003 when 13.0 inches was recorded. This is the 10th greatest snowfall recorded here in the month of February in the last 25 years.
10 Feb. 28 4.4 Storm 5 Yes The snowstorm was very slow arriving and was over forecast as to the amount of snow. The snow started at 0910 and ended a little after 2300 and flurries occurred until 0230 of March 1st but no additional accumulations. Some of the snow melted as it fell as the temperature was never much below freezing. For 4 hours during the storm the temperature was a little above freezing.
11 Mar. 8 2.2 Storm 6 Yes Rain associated with a very strong cold front changed to all snow around 0830. The total snowfall was 2.2 inches with falling temps. and also wind and blowing snow. Maximum wind gust was 45 mph that occurred at 1751 hours after the snow had ended. The snow ended at 1150 with a short period of snow flurries. The temperature dropped 49F from the 71F maximum on the 7th to the 22F minimum of the 8th. Only three times has the temperature dropped more than this in the last 25 years.
Total= 21.1 Inches