March 7,1962
Farm Home March 7, 1962 at 1:00 PM
March 7,1962
Rt. 609 on Page-Rockingham Co. Boundary

Weather Helped Win the Revolutionary War, The Weather Factor by Ludlum

Weather Helped Win WWII, The Weather Factor & the USS Enterprise

Weather Sink the Titanic, But it Wasn't a Storm by Tim Maltin-Smithsonian

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The Deepest Recorded Snow for the Virginia Area - Jan.26-29, 1772
This Storm Occurred on Jefferson's Return from His Honeymoon
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The Year Without a Summer (1816) 200 Year Anniversary
Impact on Europe Also (Ref. Weatherwise April 2016

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The Year Without a Summer (1816) in VA Was Not Extremely Cold
See Thomas Jefferson's Temperatures in His Climate Study
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VA-Worst-Tornado-Outbreak.pdf The F2 tornado that struck Rye Cove, Virginia, is the deadliest tornado in Virginia history and tied for the thirteenth-deadliest to hit a school in the United States, with all 13 deaths in a school building. 14 tornadoes were confirmed the strongest was an F3. (Ref. The RichmondTimes-Dispatch)

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Error in Baltimore's 2010 Snow Total for the Year - Corrected to 77 inches.

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2019 Weather Events and Climate Change

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A Very Unusal Ball of Lightning During a February Blizzard in 1853

Ball lightning Photographed in 2012

U.S. Naval Observatory One of the First Weather Observation Sites in the US.

    "And Now Your Local Forecast..." - a poem by John Koontz