Surface Wetness Observations at    4/2/23  7:52
 Data In This Chart Is From A Davis Vantage Pro  Weather Instrument
Data is for today starting at midnight  -   24 Hour Time used
1    Current Wettness at
7:52      Time    
 (If value=0 then 0:00 or current time or - - - is shown)
2    Max. Wetting Since Midnight at
7:11     Time    
 (If value=0 then 0:00 or current time or - - - is shown)
1.2    Fastest Change in Wetting at
7:11       Time    
 (If value=0 then 0:00 or current time or - - - is shown)
-2.7    Slowest Change in Drying at
0:00     Time    
 (If value=0 then 0:00 or current time or - - - is shown)
Leaf Wetness Sensor & Surface Wetness Information

The leaf wetness sensor enables the weather station to detect the presence of surface moisture and calculate the duration of wetness. When moisture is present the sensor detects a decrease in electrical resistance. The resistance is displayed as a value between 0 (dry) and 15 (wet). It should be noted that 15 is generally the reading that occurs with showers, sprinkles, and precipitation. With dews, readings most often will be less than 15 unless it is extremely heavy dew. The sensing surface is at an angle of 45 and is smooth thus actually dries faster than leaf surfaces. Thus on a sunny morning the sensor may record a dry surface when in fact the grass is still wet with dew. Snow or frost will give a 0 reading if there is no melting or if the snow or frost has already melted off the sensor. The temperature may be below freezing but in the sun the temperature may well be above freezing and the melting snow will be indicated by the sensor.

Surface Wetness Hours (15=Wet)
Sensor NOT Heated & Includes Condensation
Precip. Wetness Hours (15=Wet)
Sensor Heated No Dew or Condensation
leaf wetness Wetness Hours During The Past 24 Hrs. y_precip Wetness Hours by Precip. During The Past 24 Hrs.
Hours of the Day Hours of the Day

Wetness Hours from Precip.
& Condensation During The Past Week
Wetness Hours from only
Precipitation During The Past Week
leaf wetness Wetness from dew Condensation & precip. y_precip Wetness from Precip.
Days of the Month Days of the Month