The snowfall records from January 1880 to June 1884 are from the (Daily Dispatch). Starting in July of 1884 the paper changed its name to (The Richmond Dispatch). This is the first time this additional 17 year period of snowfall information has been made readily available to the public via the Internet. These newspaper records were used in this project until the Weather Bureau (now called the National Weather Service) started keeping records in October of 1897. References to the NCDC are found in the comments on some of the months and they changed their name during 2015 to NCEI that stands for the (National Centers for Environmental Information). May, Jun, Jul, Aug, and Sep have not been included as there has been no snow in these months since 1880. The snow summary chart for Richmond is for the period January 1897 to October 2015 with a total of 1512.5 inches of snow. The blue numbers in these documents represent the comment as found in the newspaper for the day. A copy of the original newspaper weather summaries for the months can be found in the link below ------------ (Richmond Observations from 1880 - 1898).

A Summary of Snowfall Observations from October 5, 1897 To Present

Richmond Weather Observations from 1880 - 1898

Richmond Observations from 1897 To Present