Most intense 1.50 inches in one minute

November 26, 1970

Barst Guadeloupe

Highest temperature 134F

July 10, 1913

Death Valley, Calif.

Most rainfall in one day

73.62 inches on March 15, 1952

Cilaos, La Reunion, Indian Ocean

Highest annual average temperature

94F from 1960 to 1966

Dallol, Ethiopia

Highest average yearly rainfall

472 inches average yearly rainfall

Mount Waialeale, Hawaii

Hottest inhabited location

86F average annual temperature

Djibouti, Djibouti

Wettest inhabited place

265.47 inches average yearly rainfall

Buenaventura, Colombia

Lowest temperature -129F

July 21, 1983

Vostok, Antarctica

Driest inhabited location

0.003 average rainfall per year

Atacama Desert, Chile

Lowest annual average temperature


Pole of Inaccessibility, Antarctica

World's driest location

0.02 average rainfall per year

Aswan, Egypt

Coldest inhabited location

12.4F average annual temperature

Noril'sk, Russia


Great Temperature Change

Fastest jet stream speed

408 miles per hour on December 13, 1967

Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Great Temperature Change in one day

Drop from +44F to -56F or 100F

January 23, 1916 in Browning, Montana

Fastest measured wind in a tornado

318 miles per hour

May 3, 1999

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Fastest temperature change

Rise from -4F to +45F in two minutes

Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota

January 22, 1943

Highest wind Gust

231 miles per hour on April 12, 1934

Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Heaviest Hailstone

7.5 pounds on March 10, 1939

Hyderabad, India

Most Deadly Atl. Hurricane (Mitch)

11,000 people killed & 5 billion in damage

Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico October 1998

Worst Ice Storm

$650 million in damage in January 1998

Eastern Canada & NE USA

Most Deadly Tornado

1300 people killed

Shaturia, Bangladesh

April 26, 1989

Greatest Annual Sunshine

4,300 hours

97% of the maximum possible

Eastern Sahara


Greatest single snowfall

189inches from February 13-19 1959

Mount Shasta Ski Bowl


Highest Seasonal Snowfall

1126 inches in winter of 1998-1999

Mount Baker, Washington

Information from Weather Watcher's Resource Guide - Discovery Channel - July 1999