August - 10 - 2013 Thunderstorm with Very Heavy Rain

I have recorded rainfall intensities since 1991 and this was the most intense rainfall yet recorded.  Time period for most of the storm was 1333-1420 hours.

The maximum 1 minute rainfall was 0.16 inches.

The maximum 5 minute rainfall was 067 inches.

The maximum 15 minute rainfall was 1.07 inches.

The maximum 1 hour rainfall was 1.46 inches.

The storm total was 1.47 inches.

The maximum wind was 37 mph at 1337 hours.

Below is the link to the actual data taken by a Vantage Pro 2 and a Novalynx Corporation Tripping bucket Rain Gauge. Note the rainfall was so heavy the tripping bucket gauge total was 0.18 inches less than the 8 inch NWS rain gauge total. Thus the above amounts are actually a little more than what was recorded.


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