The Winter of 2020-2021
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation Feb
18,   2021
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F The snow amount shown on the snowboard
will differ from the averaged observed amt. particularly if it is windy !
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Remarks for the Time Period
   0      0315 hrs.   T  T  31.5  The snow started as very small snow grains. The temp. has fallen to 30.5F by 0330. The precipitation stopped at 0335.
   1      0400 hrs.   T  T  30.2  Snow grains is the same as frozen drizzle. The precip. shield is still west of Springfield_Park near Lynchburg, VA.
   2      0600 hrs.   T  0.03  29.2  Not enough snow to measure as the precip. changed over to freezing rain soon after the onset of precipitation.
   3      0700 hrs.   T  0.15  29.1  This past hour we had a heavier shower from 0600 to 0615 and we also got our first sleet this past hour but not enough to measure.
   4      0800 hrs.   T  0.16  29.5  Very little freezing rain this past hour. Having a heated tripping bucket rain gauge keeps one up to date on the precip. amount. The disadvantage is some evaporation occurs and is worse when the precip. is very light. Springfield Park recorded precip. is checked and taken from 3 non-heated gauges.
   5      0900 hrs.   0.1  0.26  30.1  A increasing in precp. started at the beginning of this period and it was a mix of sleet and rain. Sleet is a good thing as the more sleet we get the less ice we get on trees. At 0830 a heavy period of sleet occurred and is still occurring but much lighter. The snowboard measurement this hour was 0.1 inches of sleet and 0.1 inches of ice. But the amount of ice on trees was only about one-half of a tenth of an inch.
   6      1000 hrs.   0.4  0.42  30.0  This past hour has been mostly heavy sleet which is really good news. The street is now white with the sleet of the past hour. The sleet has been heavy enough to cut visibility most of the past hour. This is becoming more of a sleet than a ice storm. The sleet is coming faster than the heated tripping bucket gauge can melt it.
   7      1100 hrs.   0.5  0.56  31.0  The first 30 minutes of this hour sleet has become lighter and is mixed with a little rain. The barograph shows some convection over the area which often means heavier precip. and generally, the lift favors frozen precip. but it also depends on the temps. aloft. The last 20 mins of this past hour has been a light rain. At any rate we have had over 1/2 an inch of liquid and have only about 0.1 inch of ice so far. The heated tripping bucket gauge has now melted all of the sleet.
   8      1200 hrs.   0.5  0.57  31.7  Very little rain this hour and the most important item is the temperature increase. The temp. is now only 0.3 F below freezing.
   9      1300 hrs.   0.5  0.57  32.3  No added precip. and the temperature is now above freezing.
  11      1505 hrs.   0.5  0.57  32.2  No added precip. and the temperature is still above freezing. The precip. looks to be over except maybe some drizzle according to the radar. Also, the danger of the ice storm causing power outages in our area looks to be over.
  12      1715 hrs.   0.5  0.67  30.8  Final reading unless more precip occurrs. Total sleet was 0.5 inches. - Max. glaze was 0.1 inches. - Total liquid was 0.67 inches.