The Winter of 2012-2013
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation Nov.
7th & 8th   2012
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F The snow amount shown on the snowboard
will differ from the averaged observed amt. particularly if it is windy !
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Remarks for the Time Period
   0      1900 hrs.   Trace  T  41.8  Only a few snow flurries off and on until 1945 with the lowest temperature of 41.6. Snowflakes very small and hardly discernible.
   1      2100 hrs.   Trace  T  41.1  A few snow flurries from 2100 to 2110 but easy to see in flood lights.
   2      Nov. 8th     -   T  41.6   A short period of precipitation occurred between 0130 and 0140. The precipitation was probably snow flurries as snow flurrries were observed before midnight.