The Sixth Snow Event of the Winter 2003-2004
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation January
27  -   2004
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F Remarks for the Time Period
   0      1820 hrs.    0.0   0.00   24.2   Sleet and frozen drizzle turned to snow around 1820
   1      1920 hrs.    0.4   0.03   23.9   Light to moderate snow during the past hour. Lightning detected over the Chesapeake Bay with the Boltek lightning sensor. Wind to 12 mph at 1727.
   2      2020 hrs.    0.5   0.04   24.0   Snowfall is tapering off at 1950 and from the radar it appears that the snowfall is nearly over here. The lightning going on off the coast is evidence that a low pressure is forming off the NE coast of VA. New England should get greater snow accumulations. By 2005 only a few snow flurries were observed. This will be the last observation of this snow event.