Second Day of Observations for the First Winter Storm of 2003-2004
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation December
05  -   2003
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F Remarks for the Time Period
   0      0000 hrs.    0.0   0.00   31.1   Snow Continued Through Midnight or Observations starting at 0001
   1      0030 hrs.    0.1   .02   31.3   Cleared the snowboard at midnight start today's observations. Mixed light snow and sleet now. Temperature rising very slowly.
   2      0100 hrs.    0.2   0.04   31.1   Currently most of the precipitation is sleet and it looks like precip. will be light the next hour or so. Observations will stop for the night and will be updated again around 0700
   3      0600 hrs.    0.3   .39   32.5   Only 0.3 inches of slush found on the snowboard since the midnight observation. The temperature is still rising and all of the precipitation is now only rain. The temperature only stayed below freezing until 0200. This ends snow observations for now! Storm totals so far 2.0 inches of snow and sleet and 0.52 inches of liquid precipitation.
   4      1500 hrs.    0.0   0.75   34.8   Snow and sleet started mixing with the rain - - - Only rain and Drizzle from 0600 to 1500--- All of the slush on the snowboard since midnight has melted.
   5      1530 hrs.    0.0   0.78   34.5   A sleet and rain mix falling now but the temperature has started to fall also.
   6      1600 hrs.    0.0   0.78   34.4   Very light rain and drizzle falling now.
   7      2000 hrs.    0.1   0.86   32.6   Precipitation is now all snow now and has just started to accumulate again.
   8      2100 hrs.    0.3   0.88   32.2   Light snow falling now and the temperature is now near freezing and decreasing.
   9      2200 hrs.    0.4   0.89   32.0   Light snow falling during most of the hour but is almost moderate in intensity now and the temperature is now freezing.
  10    2300 hrs.    0.6   0.93   31.3   Light snow falling during the hour but the street is white again except where the tire track are as the temperature is falling faster now. The size of the snow flakes has also decreased in the last hour.
  11    2400 hrs.    0.7   0.94   30.6   Only light snow falling during the past hour and a very slow accumulation rate. Due to the slow snow rate, steady barometer, weak radar echoes hourly observation will end at midnight.