Borden In 1953, Atlantic tropical storms have been named from lists originally
drawn up by the National Hurricane Center and now maintained by an international
committee of the   World   Meteorological   Organization.   The list featured only
women's names until 1979, when the international committee established a policy
of rotating six lists of names, alternating both men and women's names-of English,
Spanish, and French origin. Thus, the 2001 list will be reused in 2007. However, if
any individual storm has caused major damage or loss of life, that storm name
may be "retired," and replaced by a like name on the list.

List for 1953 - 2018 (88 names) More names may be added in 2021

Agnes 1972 Florida, northeastern U.S.
Alicia 1983 Northern Texas 
Allen 1980 Antilles, Mexico, southern Texas 
Allison 2001 - Houston Texas
Andrew 1992 southern Florida, Louisiana
Anita 1977 Mexico
Audrey 1957 Louisiana, northern Texas
Betsy 1965 Bahamas, southeastern Florida, southeastern Louisiana
Beulah 1967 Antilles, Mexico, southern Texas
Bob 1991 North Carolina, Northeast U.S.
Camille 1969 Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama
Carla 1961 Texas
Carmen 1974 Mexico, Central Louisiana
*Carol 1954 northeastern U.S.
Celia 1970 southern Texas
Cesar 1996 Central America
Charley 2004 Florida
Cleo 1964 Lesser Antilles, Haiti, Cuba, southeastern Florida
Connie 1955 North Carolina
David 1979 Lesser Antilles, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Fla., eastern U.S.
Dean  2007 Costa Maya, Mexico Aug. 21 Tecolutla, Veracruz Aug. 22 - Category  5, 32 deaths
Dennis 2005 Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia,
Diana 1990 Mexico
Diane 1955 Mid Atlantic U.S., northeastern U.S.
Donna 1960 Bahamas, Fla., eastern U.S.
Dora 1964 northeastern Florida
Edna 1968
Elena 1985 Mississippi, Alabama, western Florida
Eloise 1975 Antilles northeastern Florida, Alabama
Erika 2015 Antilles, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Florida- 30 deaths -Aug 25-29 -511.4 million
Fabian 2003 came within 50 miles of Bermuda on September 5th
Felix  2007 Category 5 Lowest pressure 929 mb  Grenada Sep. 1st - Nicaragua Sep. 5th
Fifi 1974 Yucatan peninsula, Louisiana
Flora 1963 Haiti, Cuba
Floyd 1999 North Carolina, eastern seaboard
Florence 2018 North Carolina
Fran 1996 N.C.
Frances 2004 East central Florida
Frederic 1979 Alabama, Mississippi
Georges 1998 Lesser Antilles, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Florida Keys, Louisiana
Gilbert 1988 Lesser Antilles, Jamaica, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Gloria 1985 North Carolina, northeastern U.S.
Gustav 2008 Category 4 Max. wind 155 mph - Cuba, SW Haiti, Louisiana landfall Sep.1st - 153 deaths
Hattie 1961 Belize, Guatemala
Harvey Aug 26, 2017 hit SWtx & SW Louisiana doing 180 billion in damage & giving >50 inches of rain
Hazel 1954 Antilles, Carolinas
Hilda 1964 Louisiana
Hortense 1996 Puerto Rico
Hugo 1989 Antilles, South Carolina
Igor 2010 - Hurricane Igor was the most destructive tropical cyclone to strike the Canadian island of Newfoundland on record.
Ike  2008 Category 4 - Inagua Is., Grand Turk Is., NE Cuba, Galveston Is. landfall Sep.13, 2008
Inez 1966 Lesser Antilles, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Florida Keys, Mexico
Ingrid 2013 - Mexico  and Texas - Maximum winds only 85 mph on Sep. 12-17th Damage 1.5 billion- Deaths 32 and lowest pressure 29.03 inches
Ione 1955 North Carolina
Irene 2011 49 killed - Dominican Republic, Haiti and the US -1-minute sustained winds 120 mph - the 5th costliest US hurricane VA Hit also
Irma hit the Florida Keys on Sep 10, 2017 and was the most intense for the longest time -180 mph winds for 37 hours
Iris 2001 Belize in Central America that lies south of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula
Isabel 2003 North Carolina, Virginia - 16 deaths & damage estimated at $3.37 billion. 
Isidore 2002 Western Cuba
Ivan 2004 - In the U.S. Mississippi, Louisiana, Western Florida
Janet 1955 Lesser Antilles, Belize, Mexico
Jeanne Eastern Florida
Joaquin 2015 - Cuba, Bahamas, Haiti, Bermuda, SE US - Sept 28th - 155 mph wind Cat 4 - 200 million in damage and 34 deaths
Joan 1988 Curacao, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua
Juan 2003 Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island September 2003
Katrina 2005 Louisiana, Mississippi
Keith 2000 Mexico 
Klaus 1990 Martinique
Lenny 1999 Antilles
Lili 2002 Western Cuba and Louisiana
Luis 1995 Lesser Antilles, Virgin Islands
Maria it Puerto Rico as the strongest storm since 1928 with more than 100mph winds & 30 inches of rain
Marilyn 1995 Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico
Matthew 2016- Dominican Republic, Haiti, Florida -15.09 Billion - Lowest Pressure 27.58 inches - Deaths in Haiti >1000 and 33 in the US
Michelle 2001
Michael 2018 Fla. - Cat. 5 and 3rd lowest pressure to hit the US - Winds to 160 mph.
Mitch 1998 Central America, Nicaragua, Honduras
Nate hit 1st Louisiana the 2nd neat Biloxi but was retired as it killed 44 in Central America and did 225 million in damage in the US
Noel  2007 Haiti Oct 29th, Cuba Oct.30th, Bahamas Nov.1st 163 deaths - Max. winds 80 mph.
Opal 1995 Florida
Otto - 2016 - Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama - 115 mph winds - Nov. 21-26th - 190 million in damage 
Paloma 2008 300 million to Cuba Category 3 Max. wind 145 mph- 2nd strongest Nov. Hurricane since Lenny in 1999
Roxanne 1995 Mexico
Rita 2005  Sabine Pass, Texas, and Johnson's Bayou, Louisiana, at 02:38 CDT (07:38 UTC) on September 24, 2005
Sandy 2012 Monetary losses around $62 Billion mainly in the NY & New Jersey area on Oct. 30, 2012 - least 125 people were killed by the storm.
Stan 2005 Mexico and Central America
Tomas 2010 65 Deaths - Losses in the Windward Islands were est. at $588 million - 55 killed in Cuba and Hispanola - Total damage > $652 million. 
Wilma 2005  Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, Cuba, and the U.S. state of Florida

* " Carol " was used again to denote a hurricane in the mid-Atlantic Ocean in 1965.
However, because the name does not appear after that time, it is assumed that the
name was retired retrospectively for the damages caused by the 1954 storm of the same name.
The source of information is from the National Hurricane Center from the book called
Hurricane Watch by Dr. Bob Sheets the former director of the National Hurricane Center and Jack Williams founding editor of the USA Today weather page.