Monday, May 29, 2023 07:22 AM
National Weather Service Weather Briefing
30 Day Temp. & Precip.Forecast
APRIL Climate Summary
Springfield Park has light precipitation occurring with
cool temperatures and light breeze from the north-northeast.
Springfield Park is warmer by 7.1 degs.F than yesterday at 7:02 AM.
The max. precipitation rate today so far is 0.22 inches per hour at 5:05 hrs.
Springfield Park has a rise of 14% in the humidity since yesterday at 7:02 AM.

Springfield Park's total precipitation yesterday was 0.19 inches.
Springfield Park's precipitation for today so far is 0.38 inches.
Springfield Park's precipitation for May is now 2.11 inches.

The average precipitation to May 29 is 5.06 inches giving a departure of -2.95 inches.
The daily mean temperature departure is -5.0 degs.F for May compared to the average.
Today's max. gust is 14 mph from the ave. direction of 32 deg/s & the current speed is 5 mph.
The high wind gust yesterday was 19 mph at 11:09 hours.

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