Glen Allen - Record Temperatures, Rains, and Snows and Wind for the 12 months  - Koontz
Glen Allen - Temperature, Precipitation, Snow, Barometer, & Wind Records for Day, Month, Year, and Seasonal Extremes  - Koontz
Richmond - Climate Extremes updated MAY 2021   - Koontz
Annandale - Climate Extremes from 1979 to 2008  - Koontz
Portsmouth - Climate Extremes  - Bill Trotter
Virginia - Climate Extremes  - Unv.of Virginia Climatology Office

+134 F The Highest Temperature Extreme for the Earth   - (Ref.Weatherwise Sep/Oct 2013 Vol 66/ number 5 pp10-11)
-50F Minimum Temperature Extreme for New England   - (Ref.National Weather Service)
-66F Minimum Temperature Extreme for Fairbanks Alaska   - (Ref. Rick Thoman - September 2011)
-80F Minimum Temperature Extreme for Alaska 40th Anniversity   - (Ref. Ned Rozell - January 26, 2011)
-96.2F Minimum Temperature Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth   - (Ref. SEAN O'HARE and ALEX WARD
-128.6F Minimum Temperature Coldest Place on Earth  
Extreme Low Summer Temperatures For The US in Utah   - (Ref. Christ Callais -Western Wx. Forum on Facebook)
Extreme Low Temperatures For The Eastern US   - (Ref. David M. Ludlum, NWS)
Comparing The Lowest Minimum Temperatures For Virginia Stations   - (Ref. L. Koontz)
Highest Maximum Temperatures For Each State   - (Ref. U.S. Today)
Lowest Minimum Temperatures For Each State   - (Ref. U.S. Today)
U.S. Maximum Temperature Extremes by State   - (Ref.NOAA)
U.S. Minimum Temperature Extremes by State   - (Ref.NOAA)
Extremely Low Temperatures in the United States   - (Ref. Research News & Science Facts)
Reagan Natl Airport record dew point temperature of 83.3 F on June 25, 1949.   - (Ref. By Rick Grow, Pub: August 12, 2013)
July 13, 1995 the highest U.S. dew point of 90 F at Appleton, WI   - (Ref. Christopher C. Burt see below)

The highest dew point recorded in the world was 95 F at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia on July 8, 2003.  - (Ref. Christopher C. Burt)
The highest dew point recorded but a more in depth report   - (Ref. Christopher C. Burt, 8-11-2011)

U.S. Rainfall Intensity Rainfall Record   - (Ref.Howard H. Engelbrecht - NWS, Baltimore, MD)
Maximum 24-Hour Precipitation For Each State   - (Ref.NOAA)
Max. Precipitation Intensity records since 1991 at the Annandale and Glen Allen Stations   - (Ref. West Henrico Co. - Glen Allen, VA Station)
Max. Known Precipitation Intensity Records Nationally   - (Ref. NOAA)
What city in the United States has the most days with precipitation?
Hilo, HI, with an annual average precipitation of 128.37 inches, also has the most rainy days at 277. Number 2 on the list is Quillayute, WA with 210 days.   - (Ref.

What is the greatest number of consecutive days with precipitation in the U.S. ?
The NWS says 247 days at Kaneohe,Hawaii.   - (Ref.

Large 3 inch hail in Annandale, Virginia   - (Ref. L.Koontz)
Vermont's Largest Hail   - (Ref. NCDC)
SD Record Hail Size for the U.S. Wt. 1.9375 pounds and a circumference of 18.62 inches.   - (Ref. NOAA News Release July 30, 2010)
Picture of the World's Largest Hailstone   - (Ref. Chicago Weather Examiner)
Picture of Another World Class Hailstone   - (Ref. Penn. State)
AQ Video of the World's Largest Hailstone   - (Ref. Chicago Weather Examiner)
Info. on the Storm Yielding Hailstone   - (Ref. NWS)

Probably Richmond's Greatest Snowstorm in Recorded History   - (Ref. David M. Ludlum)
The Top 25 Snowstorms in Richmond since 1898  - (Ref. L. Koontz)
The Ten Worst Northeast Snowstorms   - (Ref. NWS)
The 10 Biggest Snowstorms of All Time   - (Ref. Ed Grabianowski)
Great Atlantic Coastal Snowstorms From the 1607-08
Virginia Record Snows        - (Ref. NWS)
Richmond Snowstorms (Largest Snowfalls Each Month Sorted  - (Ref. Koontz)
Record Late SPRING Snowstorms   - (Ref. Christopher C. Burt)
Richmond's Monthly Snowfall Totals   (Ref. Koontz)
Maximum 24 Hour Snow Extreme by State   (Ref. NOAA)
Maximum Snow In Each State In 1 Day -Not 24 Hrs  (Ref. Weather Channel)
Extreme Snows for North America   (Ref. NOAA)

Weather Extremes for the 50 States   - (Ref. NOAA)
FAQ on Weather Extremes   - (Ref. Jack Williams for USA Today )
U.S. States Extreme Difference in Record MAX, & Min. Temperatures   - (Ref. NCEI National Climate Environmental Information)
Chicago Extremes for the 3rd largest US city   - (Ref. NWS)
Extreme Weather for Fairbanks, Alaska   - (Ref. Rick Thoman - September 2011)
Extremely Low Temperatures   - (Ref. Research News & Science Facts)
Extremely High Barometric Pressures in the US and World   - (Ref. Christopher C. Burt)
Weather Trivia   - (Ref. Weather Research Center Houston, Texas)
United States Weather Extremes   - (Ref. Professional Survyeyor July and August 1991)
SE U.S. Weather Extremes   - (Ref. Southeast Regional Climate Center)

BEST MAP of World Extremes   - (Ref. Arizona State University)
World Weather Extremes   - (Ref. Professional Survyeyor July and August 1991)
The Hottest Place in the World is Now Officially Death Valley  - (Ref. Research News & Science Facts)
The Coldest Place in the World is Vostok, Antarctica - With Monthly Temp. Records  
World Weather Extremes   - (Ref. Arizona State University)
World Weather Extremes in PDF   - (Ref. Arizona State University)
Weather Watcher's Resource Guide of Global Extremes   - (Ref. Discovery Channel)
World's Extreme Wind Gust   - (Ref. World Meteorological Organization)
World's Extreme Weather Records   - (Ref. Arizona State University)