Current Weather   Data As of   18:29   on  11/20/18
During the day using the sky mirror one can observe the precipitation type, intensity, amount of cloudiness,
cloud type, amount of frost or dew, wind speed, direction, amount of pollen in spring, and at night lightning.
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Forecast Made By Vantage Pro Instrument   Based Only On Current Obs.  
 Mostly clear with little temperature change  
Current Weather
Sky Mirror
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Heated Precip.
No Precip.=0
NOT Heated
Dew & Precip.   Wet=15   DRY=0
Time Since
Current Solar
Radiation and
Trend Past Hr.
Today's  Max.
Glen Allen Temp.
Trend Past Hr.
Weather Icon 0  Now
0  Max
0:00  Time
0  Now
15  Max
0:00  Time
0 Watts/M²
-20 Watts/M²
773 Watts/M²
45.7  degs.F     -3.01  degs.F

Richmond Airport Temp.
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Comfort Level-
Precipitation Rate-
0.000 inches
Beaufort Scale-
 ** Est. Cloud Base-
3065 FT
Heat Index  47.8  degs.F
Wind Chill  45.7  degs.F
Precipitation Last Hour-
0.00  inches
Current Wind Gust-
       1  MPH
Past Hr. -4.2 MPH
30.11 inches
Past Hr. 0.032 inches
Dew point Temp.-
33.5  degs.F
Past Hr. -2.26  degs.F
Today's Precipitation-
0.00 inches
Today's High Wind Gust-
16 MPH At 15:14
Today's Max. 1 Hour Change-
0.041 inches
Relative   Humidity-
62  %
Past Hr. 1.3 %
24-Hour Precipitation-
0.00 inches
Today's Ave. Wind Direct.-
327 Degrees    Now   NNW
Barometer Trend-
 **Virtual Wx. Station uses the formula Cloud Base(Ft)=250(Temp. - Dew Pt.) to estimate the height. The Height that air contains a perceptible quantity of cloud particles to become visible. This will be calculated even if conditions do NOT permit cloud formation.
 +The unit for solar radiation is Watts per Square Meter