T H E    G E N E A L 0 G I C A L    L I B R A R Y    Q U A R T E R L Y
 Volume II,   Number 3   Issue 7  Page 125
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Koontz, Lowell L.

1979 copyright, Library of Congress.
Parsons, WV, 1979. xxii +647pp; hardbound; index; maps; photographs; charts. Comprised of the descendants of Elder John Koontz (born March 1739) of the Shenandoah Valley, this volume contains a four- generation ancestral chart, local maps, cemetery inscriptions, photographs and an index of more than 7,000 names. Excellent genealogy annotated and thoroughly researched.  This was prepared for the preservation of a permanent family history.       Thousands of hours were spent in research over a period of five years and four months, in addition to more than 2,500 pages of correspondence. It has a complete 86 page index of 7,296 names. From 20 to 187 members of the following families appear in the book, with information from more than 350 references and 49 different cemeteries. Some of the major allied names included are:
Family Names
 Aleshire  Graves  Kite  Shuler
 Allen  Grove  Lionberger  Smith
 Baker  Harter  Long  Snyder
 Bowers  Hite  Louderback  Spitler
 Brubaker  Huffman  Mauck  Steger
 Brumback  Isley  Mauman  Strickler
 Buracker  Johnson   Miller  Strole
 Burner  Jones  Moore  Timmons
 Coffman  Keyser  Roudabush  Timmons
 Dovel  Kibler  Ruffner  Wilson
 Foltz  Kiblinger  Shirley  Yates