The Winter of 2016-2017
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation Jan.
06   2017
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F The snow amount shown on the snowboard
will differ from the averaged observed amt. particularly if it is windy !
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Remarks for the Time Period
   0      1810 hrs.   Trace  Trace  31.5  Light snow started
   1      1910 hrs.   Trace  Trace  29.7  This first precipitation is well ahead of the leading edge of the storm. At 1910 a few flurries were still fall but will soon end. The main body of snow will arrive late tonight.
   2      2355 hrs.   Trace  Trace  29.3  The earlier snow flurries that ended around 1910 had been removed by sublimation by 2130. The snow flurries started again at 2355 but are still light. Observe the very light snow by using the sky mirror.
   Jan.7      0100 hrs.   Trace  Trace  27.5  The snow flurries continued and the sky mirror was white by 0050. At 0055 the snow flurries are now becoming a very light snow.
   4      0200 hrs.   0.2  0.01  25.6   The street is already mostly white from the snow as the temperature is well below freezing. The wind is 8 to 13 mph now from the NE giving a 15F chill factor.
   5      0300 hrs.   0.8  0.06  24.0  The snowfall rate has increased to moderate by 0210 and the first wind gust over 15 mph occurred at 0201. The 0.6 inches in the past hour gives a moderate snowfall rate for the past hour.
   6      0400 hrs.   1.0  0.09  22.1  The snowfall rate has decreased to a light snow this past hour but the wind has increased. The high gust so far is 22 mph at 0334 and the wind chill is now 19.4F.
   7      0500 hrs.   1.7  0.13  22.0  The snowfall rate has become moderate again. The wind is blowing some snow off the snowboard associated with the snow camera wind gust to 20 mph this past hour.
   8      0600 hrs.   2.6  0.19  20.7  Currently the basic snow crystal form is broken and irregular particles and rarely seen single crystals with a few needles. Wind gust 15 to 20 mph and more of a temperature drop this hour and a wind chill of 18.5F.
   9      0700 hrs.   3.8  3.6  20.5  Heavy snow this past hour and the tripping bucket snow gauge hasnt melted all the snow in the funnel. The liquid amount was taken by melting the snow in a standing 4 inch gauge. The tripping bucket snow gauge will be corrected as soon as it has melted the snow in the funnel.
  10      0800 hrs.   4.3  0.39  20.4  Moderate snow this past hour and doing a core sample the liquid water was 0.39 inches. This gives a ratio of snow to liquid of 11 to 1.
  11      0900 hrs.   5.2  0.42  19.7  The high wind gust so far is 22 mph and the lowest wind chill so far is 6F at 6:11 AM. The temperature is still falling and is down 0.7F in the past hour and snowfall rate has been heavy in the past hour.
  12      1000 hrs.   6.0  0.46  20.2  Moderate to heavy snow the first 40 minutes of the past hour but the snow has now tapered off to flurries now.
  13      1100 hrs.   6.0  0.46  21.2  Only snow flurries since the 1000 observations and no additional accumulation.
  14      Noon hrs.   6.0  0.46  21.5   Some flurries again this hour but no additional accumulation. The total snow was 6.0 inches and the total liquid was 0.46 inches or a snow to liquid ratio of 13 to 1 snow to liquid ratio.
  15      1300 hrs.   6.2  0.48  20.5  Flurries turned to light snow this past hour. The wind has decreased about 5 mph this past hour and the temperature has also decreased 1F. This is a very cold day for Glen Allen even in January.
  16      1400 hrs.   6.4  0.49  20.8  The very light snow continues with some snow pellets and some stellar crystals and spatial dendrites. Not very common to see this mix of snow crystals.
  17      1500 hrs.   6.5  0.50  21.5  The snow is nearly over as shown by the radar and only a few light flurries now. By taking snow core samples it is estimated that 0.04 was lost to evaporation in the heated tripping bucket rain gauge. The total snowfall was 6.5 inches and the liquid amount was 0.54 thus the snow to liquid equivalent ratio was 11.7 to 1.
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