The Winter of 2013-2014
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation Jan.
21  2014
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F The snow amount shown on the snowboard
will differ from the averaged observed amt. particularly if it is windy !
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Remarks for the Time Period
   0      1146 hrs.   T  T  37.6   A small band of snow passing the Glen Allen area that will end within about 30 minutes. The temperature is well above freezing and the snow is melting as it falls.
   1      1245 hrs.   T  T  34.0  Really surprised how long its taken for this snow band to move through. The reason is it had a lot of motion SW to NE but a very slow eastward motion to the band. The radar now shows it has moved off to the NE and the snow is now very light.
   2      1500 hrs.   T  T  30.7   The temperature is now below freezing and an area of snow is now approaching the area from the SW. But it looks like the DRY cold air coming in from the NW will shunt some of the moisture off to the South and SE.
   3      1615 hrs.    T  T  28.4   A very fine light snow started at around 1600 and a wind gust to 26 mph at 1456.
   4      1630 hrs.   0.1  0.01  27.3  Snow is now sticking as it falls on the cement walks and our street. The street is now turning white due to the low temperatures. Also the wind is blowing some of the snow off the camera snow board and will add to the problem of measuring a blowing snow!
   5      1745 hrs.   0.4  0.04  26.0  A fine light snow is currently falling with a 15 to 20 mph wind and a wind chill between 15 and 20F.
   6      1915 hrs.   0.8  0.07  23.8  A fine light blowing snow is currently falling with a 20 to 25 mph wind and a wind chill between 12 and18F. Also the wind is blowing snow off the camera snow board so the camera board is not correct !
   7      2045 hrs.   1.1  0.09  22.2  Snow all but stopped for about 10-15 minutes around 2030. But a fine light blowing snow is currently falling again with a 18 to 23 mph wind and a wind chill between 11 and17F.
   8      2145 hrs.   1.2  0.10  20.6  New maximum wind gust of 28mph at 2057 and a wind chill between 9 and15F.
   9      2300 hrs.   1.4  0.12  19.2   Very difficult snow to measure. I found a rather sheltered area and measured 1.3 inches and did a core sample. The core sample had 0.11 inches water. This gives a radio of snow to water of 12 to one. The precipitation is now 0.12 so the snow total is 1.4 inches.
  10    2400 hrs.   1.8  0.13  18.9   I walked over to a clearing in an wooded area and found measurments of 1.8 inches. I cleared the snow boards for any additional snow on the 22nd but looking at the radar the snow looks like it will soon end. I also cleared the snow board for the camera as the snow amount was wrong due to the windy conditions.