The Winter of 2012-2013
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation Jan
17thnd   2013
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F The snow amount shown on the snowboard
will differ from the averaged observed amt. particularly if it is windy !
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Remarks for the Time Period
   1      1545 hrs.   T  0.85  37.5  A little sleet this past hour but still mainly rain. Currently a light rain is occurring.
   2      1615 hrs.   T  0.88  36.8  Snow just started at 1612 but went back to rain by 1616.
   3      1705 hrs.   T  0.92  34.7  Wintry mix falling now but only a little sleet on the snowboard currently.
   4      1805 hrs.   0.3  0.95  33.1  It has been all snow from about 1635 but some is melting still as it falls but the grass is becoming white.
   5      1905 hrs.    0.7   1.12   32.9   The second lightning and thunder within 2 miles the 2nd at 1852. It is a very wet slushy snow with a very uneven surface.
   6      2005 hrs.   1.2   1.32  32.7  Thunder again at 2001 the third heard for the night. Flakes are large and falling as aggregates of many crystals and a moderate to heavy snow occurring now.
   7      2105 hrs.   1.7  1.46  32.7  Flakes are large and falling as aggregates of many crystals and heavy snow occurring the past hour but melting is lowering the total.
   8      2205 hrs.   3.0  1.66  32.5   Snow melted this past hour in the 8 inch diameter gauge and the heated tripping bucket gauge amount was corrected. This makes the liquid equivalent look higher this past hour. Flakes are very large and heavy snow this past hour and falling as very large aggregate flakes. Large aggregates or fluffy assemblages of many crystals are to blame in part for the uneven snow surface.
   9      2305 hrs.   2.8  1.67  32.7   The snow stopped shortly after the last observation. The snow is melting and settling; the greatest snow depth was last hour. Look at the snow camera image. This is one of the most uneven snow surfaces I have ever seen as a fresh new snow surface.
  10    2400 hrs.   2.7  1.68  32.5  No additional accumulation but some melting as ground temperature was warm for the time of the season. This will end the observations for the day.