The Winter of 2008-2009
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation MARCH
1   2009
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F Remarks for the Time Period
   0      1235 hrs.   0  0.06  32.7  The 0.06 was from freezing drizzle after midnight.
   1      1240 hrs.   T  0.06  32.7  The rain is now mixed with sleet.
   2      1340 hrs.   T  0.07  32.9  The rain and sleet mix became all sleet by 1300. At 1320 a little snow started to mix in with the sleet and by 1330 it was ALL snow. Snowfall intensity is light now.
   3      1450 hrs.   0.1  0.11  32.9  At 1345 the snowfall intensity increased to moderate. By 1400 the bare ground and places with mulch are starting to get white and a measurement of 0.2 inches was taken. Around 1420 the snow started mixing with sleet again and was mostly all sleet by 1430. The sleet continued the rest of the observation period and only 0.1 inches on the snowboard now.
   4      1550 hrs.   0.1  0.13  32.7  The sleet turned to a mix of rain and sleet then mostly a light rain this past hour but the temperature has decreased 0.2 F.
   5      1650 hrs.   0.6  0.24  32.6   This past hour started out as mostly rain then a rain sleet mix that became mostly sleet. But in the past 20-25 minutes it has turned to all snow and the intensity is heavy now and even the street is now white.
   6      1750 hrs.   1.6  0.38  32.6   Heavy snow this past hour and everything is now becoming white. Snow in the form of larger aggregates of crystals now & has light riming! The wind is blowing some of the snow off the camera snowboard
   7      1850 hrs.   2.2  0.44  32.6   Heavy snow this past hour and currently the basic snow cryatal form is broken and irregular particles and rarely seen single crystals. Flakes are falling as aggregates which generally means temperatures aloft are near the freezing point.
   8      1950 hrs.   3.4  0.57  32.6   Very heavy snow again this hour !!
   9      2050 hrs.   4.4  0.67  32.6  Heavy snow again this past hour but a gap in the snow moving SW to NE should bring an end to the snow in about one more hour.
  10    2150 hrs.   4.8  0.70   32.4  The wind is blowing snow on the snow camera box window causing viewing problems. The snow will end or become intermittent. Snow flurries for several hours then as the storm moves north the snow should begin again. The storm track looks to be a little more to the west than first thought so the western part of VA may get the most in this second round of snow after midnight tonight. The wind is also blowing some of the snow off of the snow camera snowboard. Wind now to 33 mph.
  11    2250 hrs.   4.9  0.74  32.6   The snow has ended this past hour. The total precipitation for the March 1st was 0.74 inches when melted.
  12    0115hrs.    5.2  0.77  32.2   The snow started again on the back side of the storm.
  13    0300 hrs.   6.0  0.85  27.7   A very quick drop in temperature at 0230 combined by increased winds. Currently there is heavy snow and blowing snow occurring. Very difficult to measure with wind gust to 27 mph.
  14    0400 hrs.   6.5  0.90  26.2   This doesn't look like SPRING and this doesn't look like Richmond. This is going to be a storm to remember in the West Richmond and Glen Allen area. We now have moderate snow with windy conditions. Some snow is being blown off the snowboard so snow depth averaging is now needed.
  15    0500 hrs.    6.9  0.94  25.0   The temperature continues to drop and the winds shift to NW during the past hour. The lowest wind chill so far is 14 F at 0408. Snow pellets have been falling for the past 15 minutes which indicates moderate to heavy riming.
  16    0600 hrs.   7.4  1.01  23.8   We now have moderate snow and windy conditions. The lowest wind chill so far is 12 F at 0523. The maximum wind gust today so far is 27 mph at 0241. The snow pellets that lasted about 15 minutes of the past hour reduced the blowing snow conditions some.
  17    0700 hrs.   8.4  1.18  22.7   The heater in the tripping rain gauge wasn't keeping up in melting the snow so the higher heat source was cut on. Continued heavy snow and windy conditions this past hour. The lowest wind chill so far is 10 F at 0636. It looks like most of the snow will be over by 0900. Up to 3 inches of snow found stuck on the vertical boards of the fence on the windward side and areas of drifting now measure over a foot in depth.
  18    0800 hrs.    8.8  1.22  22.9  The maximum measurement where snow drifted was 15 inches. Measurements varied from a little less than 8 to 10 inches over areas of the yard, of course not measuring areas with drifts or areas where the snow was blown away. Also not measuring areas downwind from houses as snow was blowing off of roofs to downwind areas. The snow even on the snow board varied by 0.3 to 0.4 inches. The average after these considerations was determined to be 8.8 inches Most of the snow is over now except for flurries and this will probably be the last observation.
  19    1315 hrs.    0.2   1.23  28.8  The snow shower in the past hour has added a fluffy 0.2 inches of snow to the 8.8 inches making a total of 9.0 inches of new snow. But because of settling only about 7.8 inches is currently on the ground. The Richmond Airport reported only 6.3 inches of snow. This was the most snow at the Richmond Airport since 6.5 inches fell on February 27, 2003.