The Winter of 2008-2009
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation JAN.
27   2008
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F Remarks for the Time Period
   0      0729 hrs.   0.0  T  32.4  Precipitation started as rain at 0729.
   1      0745 hrs.   T  T  32.4  Rain turned to sleet during the past 5 minutes.
   2      0752 hrs.   T  T  32.2  Sleet turned to snow and temperature has fallen 0.2 F in the past 7 minutes.
   3      0830 hrs.   0.2  0.04  31.2  After only five minutes of all snow in the form of large aggregate flakes, sleet started mixing in with the snow. After another 5 to 10 minutes it was all sleet. Currently a moderate intensity of sleet is occurring.
   4      0930 hrs.   0.3  0.16  30.7  The sleet continues with no snow during the past hour. Our street is now covered with a layer of slush and is slippery. It is slipperier than it looks from a distance ! Some of the sleet is bouncing off of the snowboard but it takes a lot of liquid water to equal an inch of sleet. It is also observed that the sleet is thicker in the lower uneven place on the ground. Some of the sleet grains are large, as much as 0.15 inches in size.
   5      1030 hrs.   0.3  0.22  31.3   By 0940 the sleet was starting to mix with rain and by 0945 it was more rain than sleet and a thin layer of glaze had started. By 0955 it was all freezing rain as the temperature was 30.9 F but it was 0.2 F higher than the minimum that occurred at 0853. At the end of this hour still mostly rain and the temperature has risen 0.6 F from the minmum.
   6      1130 hrs.   0.3  0.24  31.5   Freezing rain this past hour and a thin skim of glaze but too thin to be measure yet.
   7      1230 hrs.   0.3  0.26  31.6   Freezing rain again this past hour and the temperature has risen 0.1 F.
   8     1330 hrs.    0.3  0.26  31.3   Very light freezing rain this past hour with less than 0.01 inches rain but the temperature has fallen 0.3 F.
   9     1430 hrs.   0.3  0.26  31.2  The precipitation stopped for about 30 minutes during the past hour but very light precipitation has started again. But much additional precipitation is to the west of Glen Allen but the temperatures should rise above freezing later tonight.
  10   1545 hrs.   0.3  0.27  31.0   Very light freezing rain continues and the temperature is 0.2 F lower than at the last observation. Also a light fog has developed.
  11    1645 hrs.   0.3  0.30  31.0  Light freezing rain continues but the street is warm enough that all the sleet has melted and is no longer slick. But all metal surfaces have a glaze of ice on them.
  12    1745 hrs.   0.3  0.36  31.2   Light freezing rain continues and the temperature has started to rise at a time it would normal be falling. The ice on metal surfaces is now getting close to 0.1 inches thick.
  13   1900 hrs.   0.3  0.39  31.0  Light freezing rain is continuing and the temperature has fallen 0.2 F since the last observation. See the ice on the snowboard at
  14   2000 hrs.   0.3  0.42  31.2  Light freezing rain is continuing and the temperature has risen 0.2 F since the last observation.
  15   2100 hrs.   0.3  0.49  31.3  This is the end of observations on this event.