The Winter of 2008-2009
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation March
13   2009
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F Remarks for the Time Period
   0      0630 hrs.    0.2   0.09  33.6   Rain turned to snow around 05:20 AM. We had a heavy snow around 0615 and it is now a moderate intensity. The grass is just starting to turn white.
   1      0700 hrs.   0.3  0.13  33.3  Snow crystals are broken and irregular particles and aggregates of crystals with moderate riming. Some flakes have enough ice in them that they almost sound like sleet when the hit the surface.
   2      0800 hrs.   0.4  0.21  33.1   Very light snow now.
   3      0900 hrs.   0.5  0.22  33.3  Light snow now and some poorly formed snow pellets mixed in with the snow during the past ten or fifteen minutes.
   4      1000 hrs.   0.5  0.22  33.7  Very light snow now and it is melting as fast as it falls and the temperature has increased 0.4 F in the past hour.
   5      1100 hrs.   0.4  0.23  34.3   The snow is now melting faster than it is accumulating.
   6      1200 hrs.    0.3  0.23  34.9   The snow ended this past hour. More precipitation is on the way but will probably be rain as it is almost 35 F now.
   7      1300 hrs.   0.3  0.25  34.9   This past hour the snow melted just as fast as it was accumulating. But there were a couple periods of snow that were moderate in intensity.
   8      1400 hrs.    0.2  0.27   35.5   The snow has ended and sleet and light rain are occurring.