The Winter of 2007- 2008
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation JANUARY
17   2008
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F Remarks for the Time Period
   0      0950 hrs.   T   T  35.2   Snow just started with very small fine irregular crystals.
   1      1050 hrs.    0.7   0.04   33.2   At 1025 the snowfall rate increased and flakes increased in size and were falling as aggregates of many crystals. With the heavier snow rate the snow is now sticking as it falls on the cement walks and our street. The street is now white but slushy.
   2      1150 hrs.   2.1  0.13  32.8   For at least the first half of this past hour the flakes were large aggregates but have now become smaller aggregates. The temperature has also decreased about 2.5 F since the snow started this morning. The snowfall rate this past hour has been heavy !!
   3      1250 hrs.   2.8  0.20  32.8   The snow rate this past hour was moderate to heavy and has consistently been in the form of aggregates until 1245. The flakes were very large at 1235 and by 1240 the flakes were smaller and some sleet was mixing in with the snow and by 1245 it was all sleet.
   4      1350 hrs.   2.7   0.31  32.7  The sleet turned back to snow at 1305 but still with some sleet mixed in with the snow. The sleet has caused packing of the snow thus we have probably received our maximum snow measurement for the day. The snow sleet mix ended around 1325 and became all sleet. Annandale Weather Center has had 0.1 inch of sleet in the past hour but the weight of the sleet has caused the snow to settle to 2.7 inches.
   5      1450 hrs.    2.7   0.38   32.9   The first half hour we had mostly sleet and a little snow mixed in then around 1325 it started to rain. At 1440 the precipitation became a mix of mainly sleet and a little snow and is currently the same mix.
   6      1550 hrs.   2.8  0.49  32.9   At 1500 it started snowing again and became heavy by 1505 in the form of large aggregate flakes. Then heavy snow ended at 1515 and turned to mainly sleet again. THE MAXIMUM SNOW AND SLEET AT THIS TIME WAS 3.0 INCHES before the heavy sleet between 1535 and 1550 caused 0.4 inches of compaction. From 1520 to 1530 the precipitation all but ended then started again as sleet and snow. At the 1550 observation a heavy sleet was occurring causing the compaction of the snowfall of the day.
   7      1650 hrs.   2.5  0.56  32.8   By 1610 the sleet had turned to all rain. It has been a light rain during the past hour and the 3.0 inch snowfall amont continues to settle . The rain should continue into the late evening hours and as long as it doesn't turn back to snow this will be the last observation.

Click this link to see a time lapse movie of the snow on Oakwood Dr.

Click this link to see a time lapse movie of the snow accumulation