The 4th Storm of the Winter of 2006-2007
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation February
25   2007
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F Remarks for the Time Period
   0      0356 hrs.    0.0   0.00  35.3  Precipitation started as a very light sleet.
   1      0700 hrs.   0.2  0.07  32.8  A little light rain is occurring now.
   2      0800 hrs.   0.3  0.12  32.7  Currently a moderate sleet intensity rate is occurring.
   3      0900 hrs.    0.5   0.20  33.5   At 0820 the sleet started to mix with a little snow and this continued through the rest of the hour. By the end of this hour it is more snow than sleet occurring.
   4      1000 hrs.   0.7  0.23  33.2   By 0905 the precipitation was all snow and by 0925 the street was white except when car tires had cleared the slush. The snowfall intensity remained light for most of the past hour but heavy snow was falling over the Manassas and Prince William County area during the past hour. The snow flakes are now large and falling as aggregates of many crystals.
   5      1100 hrs.   2.2  0.38  32.6   The light snowfall rate increased to light to moderate around 1015 and became moderate for only about five minutes around 1020. Then at 1030 the rate increased to moderate again and the snow flakes are large and falling as aggregates of many crystals. The heavier snowfall rate has also decreased the temperature this past hour 0.6 F. These fluffy assemblages of many crystals now leaves an uneven snow surface with more air spaces in the snow and increases the snow to water ratio. At 1040 the snow increased to moderate to heavy and by 1050 was a heavy snowfall intensity rate.
   6      1200 hrs.    3.8   0.53  32.6  Heavy snow rate now with fluffy large assemblages of many crystals making up the large flakes. Snow is sticking to Hemlocks, shrubs, and other trees and is becoming very scenic. The snow rate has been heavy during the past hour and was heavy at the noon observation and the temperature has remained constant.
   7      1300 hrs.    4.8   0.65  32.5   This is a new 27-year snowfall record for the date and is the heaviest snow here since the 12.5 inch snow on February the 11th and 12th of 2006. The snowfall rate decreased from 1220 to 1225 and became only light to moderate. Trees with many fine twigs as the Japanese Maples are now really loaded with snow as the snow is very sticky much like the February 11-12 snowfall of 2006. The radar indicates snowfall will become lighter during the next hour.
   8      1400 hrs.    5.3   0.74  32.6   The snowfall rate has continued at a near moderate rate from 1300 to 1330 but the flakes are smaller. But at 1335 the snowfall became only flurries but more precipitation was still to the SW ( but nothing heavy ) and moving toward the NE. At 1350 the snowfall rate increased from flurries to a light snowfall rate. Also during the 1400 observation it was noted that some sleet is now mixing in with the snow.
   9      1500 hrs.   5.2   0.76   32.9   As noted in the 1400 report that some sleet was mixed in with the snow. The snow ended at 1405 and only a very light rain with a few grains of sleet. By 1415 it was only a drizzle occurring. The snow has settled 0.1 in the past hour.
  10    1600 hrs.    5.1  0.78  32.7   The snow is melting and settling the greatest snow depth was at 1400 hours. Only light rain this past hour and this will be the last snowfall observation unless additional frozen precipitation occurs tonight.  Click Here - Time Lape Movie of the Snow - Give it time to load Note the snow is melting and settling after 1415 and decreasing in depth.