The Second Snowstorm of the Winter of 2005-2006
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation December
8  -  2005
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F Remarks for the Time Period
   0      2350 hrs.    0.0   0.00   28.9   Extremely light intensity of ice particles now scarcely discernible.
   1   December
9  -  2005
  0001 hrs.
 Trace  Trace  29.1  Extremely light intensity of ice particles now scarcely discernible. Composition is very small ice particles or small sleet. First flakes of snow observed at 0044.
   2      0100 hrs.   Trace  Trace   29.0   Very light snow now with the first snow occurring at 0044. Snow flakes show moderate riming. Also a very rapid drop in the barometric pressure during the past hour around 0.06 or 0.07 inches.
   3      0200 hrs.    0.8   0.04   27.7   Flakes are EXTREMELY LARGE most over one inch and many over 1.5 inches and falling as aggregates of many crystals starting at 0120. The largest snow flakes I can remember seeing in my lifetime fell between 0130-0140 a very few nearly 1.75 inches across in the longest dimension. The road became white in less than 10 minutes. At around 0145 sleet mixed in with large aggregate flakes and sleet is still mixed in with the large aggregates still 0.5 to 0.75 inches in diameter. The heater in the one snow bucket gauge isn't keeping up with the snowfall rate. Heat in snow bucket increased by 75 watts.
   4      0300 hrs.   1.0  0.17  27.6   We still have sleet mixed in with large aggregate flakes of snow. This is also something that is rather rare. The barometer continues to fall at a very rapid rate of 0.8 inches an hour. Snow stopped around 0220 and became all sleet. Some snow mixed in with the sleet again at 0235 but still more sleet than snow and was all sleet again by 0240. Heavy intensity of sleet started at 0242 and is reducing the snow depth by compaction. A little intermittent snow mixed with the sleet until 0250 when it became about 50% sleet 25% snow and 25% snow pellets.
   5      0400 hrs.   1.6  0.26  26.7   Just after the 0300 post around 0305 it started snowing again and the sleet tapered off. At 0308 large aggregate flakes of snow are falling at a heavy snowfall rate and by 0312 it was a heavy rate but sleet and snow mixed again. Sleet became heavy snow again in the form of large aggregate flakes of snow around 0325. We had a wind gust to 17 mph at 0334 and snowfall at a heavy rate now. By 0345 it was back to sleet and with the wind there is an occasional blowing snow. At observation time it was a mixture of snow pellets and large aggregate flakes and becoming windy.
   6      0500 hrs.    2.2   0.44   27.7   Just after the 0400 post around 0403 it started sleeting again and the snow tapered off but it was mostly snow again by 0408. It changes so often it is hard to keep track but with all the ice in this snow it will be a lot slower to melt than the last snow of the 5th and 6th. It has now been mostly snow until 0438 and then became sleet and at 0450 we had freezing rain mixed in. The barometer has even fallen faster in the past hour at a rate of 0.10 of an inch per hour. At the 0500 reading it was mostly rain but still a very little sleet was mixed in with the rain.
   7      0600 hrs.    2.1   0.58   29.9   It has been almost all freezing rain during the past hour and a thin glaze is forming on metal objects but still less than 0.1 inch thick. The barometer has even fallen faster in the past hour at a rate of 0.12 of an inch per hour but has started to level off in the last 15 minutes. This will be the last observation unless the rain turns back to sleet or snow but this is not likely as the temperature is rising.
   8      0700 hrs.    2.0   0.64   31.5   The freezing rain ended at 0645.