The Seventh Event of the Winter of 2005-2006
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation February
22  -   2006
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F Remarks for the Time Period
   0      0618 hrs.    0.0   0.00   36.0   Light rain started.
   1      0750 hrs.    0.0   0.09   35.0   Rain turned to a rain an snow mix just after 0745.
   2      0815 hrs.    Trace   0.12   34.2   Light snow now and the temperature continues to decrease. Trace of white now on colder bare ground surfaces.
   3      0900 hrs.    0.3   0.18   33.5   Moderate to heavy snow now as the snow has increased in intensity. The temperature has also fallen but some melting is still occurring. The size of the flakes has also increased and are aggregates or fluffy assemblages of many crystals. The ground is now white but no snow has stuck on the street yet.
   4      1000 hrs.    0.8   0.23   33.7   Moderate snow but the temperature has stopped it decrease. The street has a little slush on it now and the flakes are now smaller aggregates.
   5      1050 hrs.    0.7   0.24   34.2   The snow tapered off during the pass hour and stopped about ten minutes ago. The temperature is now increasing and more snow melted than accumulated during the past hour. This is the last snow observations with this snow event.
   6      0000 hrs.