The Event Three of the Winter of 2005-2006
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation December
15  -   2005
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F Remarks for the Time Period
   0      0910 hrs.    0.0   0.00   27.0   Snow started at 0910 as a very light snow and soon became only light flurry activity. The main body of precipitation will arrive in Annandale by 1050 this morning and will be in the form of snow until at least noon.
   1      1033 hrs.    Trace   Trace   28.5   Snowfall started again as a light snowfall rate at 1033 AM.
   2      1100 hrs.    0.1   Trace   28.0   Snow is now falling at a moderate rate as large aggregate flakes.Schools are closing two hours early see link
   3      Noon hrs.    0.4   0.03   28.5   The neighborhood street is now white with snow and the snow rate is light to moderate as smaller aggregate flakes now.
   4      1300 hrs.   0.6  0.04  29.9   The snow started to mix with sleet at 1220 and was all light sleet by 1230. From 1235 to 1245 the precipitation stopped or nearly so. Then the very light sleet turned to very light rain by 1250.
   5      1400 hrs.    0.5   0.07   31.2   The freezing rain has caused the snow to settle one tenth of an inch. The street is no longer white but is covered by a slush.
   6      1500 hrs.    0.5   0.13   31.7   Only freezing rain in the past hour and the temperature is increasing. The temperature is now near the freezing mark.
   7      1600 hrs.    0.4   0.20   32.2   It is now a little above freezing and we have 0.4 inches of slush on the snowboard. This will be the last report as the precipitation is now rain with a temperature above 32 F.