FEBRUARY 15, 2003 (Prelude Snow Event)
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation February
15  -   2003
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F Remarks for the Time Period
   0      0700 hrs.    0.2   0.37   32.0   Snow started to accumulate between 0600 and 0700-Exposed ground is now becoming white-Melted precipitation (Rain,snow,sleet) last night measured 0.35 inches
   1      0800 hrs.    0.3   0.39   32.0   Very fine and very light snow now occurring.
   2      0900 hrs.    0.4   0.40   32.2   Very fine and very light snow continues.
   3      1000 hrs.    0.5   0.41   31.8   The radar shows Annandale is now on the north edge of an area of snow that we will move out of in the nest hour. The light snow should become flurries then stop as we enter a gap in the snowfall.
   4      1100 hrs.    0.5   0.41   30.6   Snow has stopped but should be back in 1.5 to 2.0 hours. Note temperature has dropped in the last hour.
   5      1200 hrs.    0.5   0.41   30.4   No additional snow in last hour. Snow in precipitation gauges melted to correct tripping bucket gauges. Thus melted precipitation amounts have been corrected on this table. Another period of light snow during the next hour expected.
   6      1300 hrs.    0.6   0.42   29.7   A period of light snow should become moderate during the next couple hours. The largest flakes are now only 0.1 inches and most are irregular and show moderate riming. Earlier slush is becoming icy and the temperature is still falling.
   7      1400 hrs.    0.7   0.44   29.5   Mainly light snow during the last hour. Light snow will continue for about two additional hours then stop or snow flurries only.
   8      1500 hrs.    1.0   0.46   28.3   Snow is fluffier now (a higher snow to water ratio snow) Temperature continues to drop. The current snow rate will diminish within the hour!
   9      1600 hrs.    1.1   0.47   28.0   Mainly very light snow during the last hour again. It appears the snow will shift back and forth between VERY light snow and flurries with little additional accumulation into the evening hours. Observations will be at longer intervals during this period.
  10    1900 hrs.    1.3   0.49   25.4   Very light snow during the last three hours and has all but stopped now.
  11    2000 hrs.    1.3   0.49   25.3   No snow during the last hour. Snow may start again around midnight and Sunday will be a major snow day. No more reports until the snow starts again!