Weather Poem
 "And Now Your Local Forecast…"

Late one crisp, clear moonlit night
I stared upward and wondered at the beautiful sight
Some thin clouds then began to shroud the moon
I had no idea what was approaching soon

And as I woke early the next morning
To my amazement there was a winter storm warning
Slowly white flakes began to fall
The forecasters once again had missed the call

Then the sound of a humid, summer day rolled across the sky
So strange for winter thunder as I asked why
A heavy thundersnow began to fall as a sheet of white
These whiteout conditions were quite a sight

The air began to stir the wind chimes
Faster and faster, singing so many times
This clean blanket of new fallen snow
Drifted along the mountain valley below

After one last rustle of old leaves on the hill
The evening turned so peaceful and still 
I sat there listening to the quietness for a while
Seeing winter’s beauty, I couldn’t help but smile 

I wish I had the excitement of this day to keep
Alas, I was tired and nearly ready to sleep
Before I jumped into my warm and cozy bed
I began to ponder these thoughts inside my head
Of people helping others in flash floods, tornadoes, and lightning
Hurricanes, blizzards, and weather that is all together frightening
So I am very thankful for the gift of weather
It is Nature’s friend that brings us all closer together
~ John Koontz, 2003