Latitude: North 37.65537
Longitude: West 77.56873
Elevation: 273 feet
County: Henrico
Observational records were started August 1, 2008. Station moved from Barcroft Hills on June 10, 2008. The new location is approximately 1,200 feet southwest of the Springfield Park Elem. School and 103 miles south of the earlier location.

Location Limitations

Visibility Because the surrounding houses and the flat terrain the maximum distance one can see is approximately three-tens of one mile. This doesn't allow one to report fog visibility unless it is very dense.

QuadMap of Glen Allen Weather Station

Temperature- The weather station gets direct daily sunlight most of the day except for evening in summer when the sunsets to the north of west. The only deciduous trees are located about 75 feet to the northwest of the station and provide little late afternoon summer shade. The station is located on a flat area a very small slope to the southeast with a few degrees of slope. The instruments are housed in an instrument shelter and the thermometer sensor and relative humidity sensors are aspirated. On a hot calm sunny day an aspirated thermometer will read at least one degree lower than sounding stations that are not aspirated.

Wind - The weather station elevation is 273 ft. above sea level and is open to directions except the Northwest. Thus, wind speeds from most directions are accurately recorded. Deciduous trees to the NW of the anemometer decreases NW winds even though they are located about 75 feet away from the anemometer. This even occurs during the winter even when the trees are bare of foliage cutting NW winds speed by about 15-20 percent.

Information on the Glen Allen Observer
Observer has had 60 years experience observing weather as of April 2016.

Observation Sites

1. Rockingham County, Virginia

2. Farifax County, Virginia

3. Henrico County, Virginia

Link to 60 Years of Observing History