The Winter of 2021-2022
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Obs. Num. Time of Observation March
12   2022
Total Frozen Precip. Inches Total Melted Precip. Inches Temp. F The snow amount shown on the snowboard
will differ from the averaged observed amt. particularly if it is windy !
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Remarks for the Time Period
   0      0000 hrs.   0.0  0.97  36.0  The 0.97 inches is the rainfall total before the sleet started. A lightning strike this morning at 05:51 AM was so close that the A lightning strikes this morning at 05:51 AM was so close that the electromagnetic pulse burned out my ground thermometer buried at a depth of on foot.
   1      0925 hrs.   T  0.97  35.8  A rain sleet mix started at 0925.
   2      1025 hrs.   T  0.99  35.8  Another light period of sleet occurred between 1014 and 1020 and only drizzle at observation time.
   3      1125 hrs.   T  1.00  33.7  A few very light snow flurries started at 1050 with a temp. of 34.5 degrees F and ended at 1105.
   4      1225 hrs.   T  1.01  31.6  Periods of frozen drizzle from 1138 to 1200 when it turned to a light snow. By 1205 the flakes became aggregates or larger flakes interfused but became smaller again at 1215. At noon the temp. was below freezing at 31.9 degrees F and was 31.7 by 1220. The roads and ground are still warm from the warmth of the previous day and the snow is melting on contact.
   5      1325 hrs.   T  1.01  30.9  Light snow still melting as it falls except it is starting to stick on the sky mirror and snowboard. At observation time we had blowing frozen drizzle making uncomfortable conditions.
   6      1440 hrs.   1.0  1.07  30.5  Moderate snow this past observation period.
   7      1530 hrs.   1.9  1.14  30.3  Heavy snow during the first half of this period. The snow total on the snowboard on the ground was 1.7 inches and the total on the elevated snowboard was 1.9 inches.
   8      0000 hrs.